Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welcome Back! (The hiatus is over!)

Well, it’s been nearly a year since I put LovelyReads on hiatus, and I am definitely ready to be back. You may notice a few things are different; I have tweaked the layout, updated some things, and added a few new features (including an email subscribe option!). In addition, LovelyReads is now one word (so no, it’s not a typo).

Along with the cosmetic changes, I have decided to change the format of the reviews a little bit. I will no longer be summarizing each book. Instead, I will copy and paste the book’s blurb and leave it italicized at the top of the review. Summaries are the bane of my existence, and this change means that I will be able to focus more attention on reviewing the content. I’m leaving the rating system as is, and in addition to it I am adding trigger warnings. In a way, I am combining the “parental rating” (G, PG, etc.) with the trigger warnings--there will still be a specific rating, and then the tags in trigger warnings will indicate reasons why I gave it that rating.

I started LovelyReads as a YA review blog, but since I never consistently kept to that, I’m doing away with that topic entirely. Instead, I’ll be reviewing a mixture of fiction and nonfiction, with the occasional book of poetry or graphic novel thrown in (I find those mediums harder to review for some reason). Basically, I’m going to review what I read regardless of genre.

I am going to start by posting a new review twice a week, and I’m hoping I can up it to three times a week. It’s summer, and I’m reading a ton right now, so if I can build up a good back-log of reviews, then things should be running smoothly really quickly.

I’m excited to get started again, and I hope you are too!

xoxo LovelyReader

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