Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Update

I have no review to post today. The school year has started back up in full swing, and I just don't have time to read like I would like to. Or should I say, I have plenty of time to read poetry for my thesis, but I have a really hard time reviewing poetry, so that doesn't really help me. Maybe near the end of the semester I will do a long post about all the poetry I read for my thesis. Maybe.

For now, I thought I'd do a post about writer's block. Specifically, the kind of writer's block where you have so many ideas that you don't know where to start. My honors thesis is a collection of poetry, and I'm working with historical documents. This means that I have an unending supply of inspiration, and that nearly every time I sit down to write, I'm starting fresh. What I'm finding that means is that I have so many general ideas with no ideas of how to start or, for some, how to articulate them. Example: I know I want to do a poem or poems on the idea of taking on a persona and what that means personally and culturally. But that's all I know, and that's a very intellectual way to start a poem. And so I haven't (yet).

This is a situation that I've never really been in before, and I'm interested in seeing how my thesis develops around this problem of having too many ideas and no starting points. I suppose I'll post updates whenever I don't have a review ready to go. :)

Until next time!

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